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Foothills Safety Solutions is a unique and focused company that believes by planning ahead and dealing with integrity, our clients will be best served in the long run. Our company strives to be the leader in technology and service, by hiring professionals and being accountable for their actions this will provide solid results for our clients in an increasingly demanding working environment. Foothills Safety Solutions professionalism and technological advantage will allow our clients to manage their business of safety in a more effective and efficient way than ever before.

Our Services

  • Rig inspections / audits

    Foothills Safety Solutions has developed a unique and proprietary software application to allow our clients exclusive access to their inspections / audits and any corrective actions that may be required. Our proprietary applications allow you to work from your own inspection sheet or our's, view the reports exclusively on the web in a secure client area and manage any deficiencies with our exclusive software system. We know how important inspections / audits are, at Foothills Safety Solutions we can conduct them but we have also developed a more efficient way to manage them.

  • site safety Advisors

    Foothills Safety Solutions is in place to work within your operation. Our Site Safety Supervisors are skilled, trained professionals who are there to assist, not only in pointing out hazards, reviewing manuals, leading safety meetings and ensuring that documented procedures are followed but also to ensure unsafe behaviours are recognized and addressed before an incident could occur.

  • COR Auditing

    The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to an employer that has demonstrated it has a good health and safety management system in place the employer demonstrates this by passing an external audit. Auditing programs today need to provide information on the effectiveness of the management systems, opportunities for cost reductions and continuous improvement opportunities. This is relevant to all places of work COR qualified or not. Our audits conclude with a written report acknowledging the positive elements and outlining areas for attention and recommended remedial actions

  • Safety Program Development

    When developing an occupational health and safety (OH&S) program, many organizations ask, "Where do we start?" Developing an effective safety program takes time and resources, and we can offer you both. We can provide safety program development for companies building their first safety program or upgrading their existing system. Whether you are preparing for COR or SECOR from a certifying partner or just wanting to build a functioning safety program that meets government legislation requirements, we provide customized program development and HSE program solutions.

  • HSE Management Services

    Foothills Safety provides our clients with individualized service to enhance or develop custom solutions for Health, Safety and Environment Management systems. From a comprehensive corporate management system to elements of a system we offer Health & Safety Coordinator Management services on the following basis:
    Full-time management services to bring your Health & Safety program into full compliance with corporate and legislative requirements. This program is designed for short term intervention to bring a health & safety program to a status of compliance, leading to part-time or internal compliance status.
    Part-time health & safety coordination services to oversee and implement a client's health & safety program. Services offered include daily, weekly and monthly monitoring, proportionate to program improvement and compliance status. This program is designed to progress clients towards eventual internal management.

  • Supervisor Competency Assessments

    competency is a clustering of knowledge, skills, and abilities that is directly related to effective leadership performance. We provide supervisor assessments using IRP's and industry guideline as a baseline to ensure Site Supervisors possess the necessary knowledge as per the Employers expectations. We then have the ability utilizing our online database that we have developed to assist our clients to manage how their Supervisors competencies are tracked

  • Incident Investigations

    Incident investigations help identify root causes and hazards, while finding ways to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. When an incident occurs you're trying to look after your employees and keep operations going. Your firm may not have the depth of internal investigation expertise these situations call for. We have the ability to assist our clients to conduct a thorough investigation for incidents to identify the root cause and work with our clients to ensure that the appropriate corrective actions are developed. If necessary we can have the ability to coordinate with select legal firms to ensure solicitor client privilege is maintained.

  • Safety Training

    Supervisor Leadership, Incident Investigation for supervisors, Hours of Service, Rigging and Slinging